Somebody Hold Me

The Single Person’s Guide to Nurturing Human Touch

Nearly 50% of Americans checked the ‘single’ box in the 2010 census. Because we equate touch with sex, many of us suffer alone when we crave physical comfort and tenderness.

Somebody Hold Me: the Single Person’s Guide to Nurturing Human Touch takes a simple, radical approach to health and relationships by teaching you how to get more platonic touch.

Somebody Hold Me walks you through the increasingly fraught physical space between between humans, and allows for more connection and closeness through giving and receiving structured touch in your existing relationships.

This is NOT a guide about how to find or attract a partner, or how to have better sex. Millions of pixels have been sacrificed to that cause already, many of them eloquently.

This guide will give you tools to improve your communication and negotiation skills, and get your touch needs met. While these things could help you in your quest to find a mate, that’s not my focus. Still, there are nuggets o’ wisdom aplenty in here for people who are in romantic of sexual relationships, and this information just might contribute to more harmonious partnerships.

Nurturing human touch is free, abundant, and organic, and giving and receiving it requires little training. It’s a simple life hack with profound consequences. If you are willing to take a risk and connect with others, you will be able to enjoy better health and relationships.

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What’s Inside?

The cultural and social barriers that keep us physically isolated.
How much touch you prefer.
A framework that helps to keep your intentions clear.
What items you will need for a successful encounter.
What sort of touch you enjoy.
How to get your touch needs met by strangers in a safe, sane way.
What touch does to the physical body and why it’s so important.
How to navigate interpersonal boundaries with respect and consent.
How to approach your friends in a thoughtful way.
Different ways to give and receive touch.
Ways to share nurturing human touch across a variety of situations.
How to get less touch, not more.

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