Beyond the veil

Earlier this week, a client asked why we were wearing veils. “So men don’t fall in love with us,” I blurted out. “I don’t want them focused on us as people.” Which is true. But there’s much, much more [...]

Safety in numbers

Friday evening, I went with a friend to a kitten adoption event. It was outdoors in July in Texas (already a recipe for disaster when your guests of honor are wearing fur coats). Add a cup of car [...]

A network of care

A while back, I asked my Facebook friends how they would feel about dating someone with a chronic illness, or a person in a wheelchair. What about someone who is bipolar, an alcoholic or in treatment for cancer? The [...]

A woman’s touch

Like many entrepreneurs who are growing their businesses, I do rideshare driving to help pay the bills. It is a good fit for me: the hours and the money are flexible, I like taking care of people and listening [...]

Ask before you touch….

(Photo by Eric Kilby) “What do you do?” is a common opening gambit when chatting with strangers. As you can imagine, “immersive touch therapy” is a response that garners lots of quizzical looks, curious questions, nervous laughter…and tons of [...]

16 ways to get your platonic touch needs met

Touch is one of our most basic needs. If we are fortunate, we begin our lives with a family who gives us nurturing, loving, compassionate touch. As we grow into adulthood, though, we are taught that the only way [...]

Feeding the Hungry

Americans suffer from a silent epidemic. This epidemic is skin hunger, and it afflicts millions. It is slow and sneaky; people can sense that something is wrong, but they don’t know what, or how to heal it, until someone [...]

The world is your oyster

Tuesday night was a learning experience on so many levels. We were invited to come and organize a sanctuary and offer compassionate touch to Amanda Palmer’s fans at her show at the Paramount in Austin. While this isn’t how we normally work, [...]

A Message From Us

Karuna Sessions are closed for the foreseeable future.

Please stay safe and healthy until we meet again.


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