Beyond the veil

Earlier this week, a client asked why we were wearing veils. “So men don’t fall in love with us,” I blurted out. “I don’t want them focused on us as people.” Which is true. But there’s much, much more to [...]

America’s Shameful Secret

A few weeks back, a video from a professional male cuddler came across my feed that prompted a ton of conversation. As always, the reactions were strong, and the comments illuminating – this is clearly something that touches a nerve (no pun [...]

Getting in touch with grief

This blog post comes to you courtesy of my dear friend Absinthia, who suffered an unexpected death of her partner in July. She's been blogging about her grieving and healing process, and I asked her to write about the role [...]

Safety in numbers

Friday evening, I went with a friend to a kitten adoption event. It was outdoors in July in Texas (already a recipe for disaster when your guests of honor are wearing fur coats). Add a cup of car traffic, a [...]

A network of care

A while back, I asked my Facebook friends how they would feel about dating someone with a chronic illness, or a person in a wheelchair. What about someone who is bipolar, an alcoholic or in treatment for cancer? The responses [...]

A woman’s touch

Like many entrepreneurs who are growing their businesses, I do rideshare driving to help pay the bills. It is a good fit for me: the hours and the money are flexible, I like taking care of people and listening to [...]

Ask before you touch….

(Photo by Eric Kilby) “What do you do?” is a common opening gambit when chatting with strangers. As you can imagine, “immersive touch therapy” is a response that garners lots of quizzical looks, curious questions, nervous laughter…and tons of great [...]

Reach out and touch someone

Even though it’s officially autumn, Austin is still summery hot at the end of September. Yesterday afternoon I walked a couple blocks to our corner store/gas station in 90-degree heat. This particular corner of East Austin has quite a few [...]

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