Horizontal with Lila

Horizontal With Lila #55

Touch Hunger: Horizontal with a Professional Nurturer

In this episode, I lie down with Epiphany Jordan, a nurturer by trade, professional cuddler, Chief Oxytocin Provider of Karuna Sessions, a 2-on-1 deepdive immersion in mothering energy and loving touch

Robot Overlords

Robot Overlords #285


What does it mean to us to be touched, to touch? As our civilization has advanced, becoming more technological, have we given up something that all of us need on a deep biological level?

Growing Older

Growing Old(er)! #13

Epiphany talks about living outside of the box.

Epiphany Jordan lives out of the box, and this interview with her helped me discover why she is so darn interesting, starting with her parents. Her Jewish grandfather was on the run from the Nazis right before World War Two started.


HaiTarot (Soul Sanctuary)

TOUCH! Epiphany Jordan is our guest

Author of a Somebody Hold Me which is being presented with its own panel at SXSW, Epiphany discusses the importance of Touch from a variety of perspectives in studio.

Future Fossils #107

Epiphany Jordan on Human Touch & Safe Intimacy in The Internet Age

This week’s guest is Epiphany Jordan of Austin, Texas – a nurturing touch professional whose therapy sessions help triage the crisis of loneliness and touch-hunger facing billions of tech-immersed but intimacy-stranded people.

Healing Culture Podcast #65

Meeting Our Need For Touch, with Epiphany Jordan

Epiphany Jordan wrote the book Somebody Hold Me: The Single Person’s Guide to Nurturing Human Touch, and has been offering Karuna sessions since 2013.

Life In Limboland

Are you Getting Enough Physical Touch in Your Life?

Epiphany Jordan, author of Somebody Hold Me: The Single Person’s Guide to Nurturing Human Touch, joins us this week. She has studies how to reconfigure human relationships for a better world.

Your Road to Personal Addiction Recovery

Your Road to Personal Addiction Recovery

Non-sexual touch for healing and addiction recovery

Most people struggling with addiction feel they are isolated and alone. Alcohol, heroin, Fentanyl, etc temporarily relieves the loneliness, but theIr effects are short lived and are only chemically masking the delusion of being isolated from God, ourself and others that can be extremely painful.


Eliza Bundledee

Nurturing Human Touch
(Part 1 of 2)

Eliza Bundledee

Nurturing Human Touch
(Part 2 of 2)

SXSW 2019

A Call to Arms – Solving Loneliness via Nurturing Human Touch with Epiphany Jordan