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Many of us are already touch-deprived, and we are creating a world with less touch.

It’s beginning to bite us in the ass.

Our paradigm of only touching the people we’re sexually/romantically involved with is leaving many of us out of the equation, and yet we shroud the issue in shame. We mock people who aren’t in romantic relationships without looking at the larger cultural issues that keep us separated. We also don’t talk about the fact that many people who are in romantic relationships aren’t getting their touch needs met.

We need to think about who, when, and why we touch others, and Epiphany is just the person to lead the multitudes of rich conversations around this topic.

Human touch, or lack thereof, is something that affects all of us. It factors in to not only our familial and sexual relationships, but also our mental and physical health, our work environments, our living arrangements, and our culture. It is a deeply personal preference, and something we take for granted.

People increasingly feel isolated, lonely, afraid, and ostracized. How might intentional, wanted nurturing human touch change that?

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Who is Epiphany Jordan?

Epiphany is a caregiver and nurturer by nature and profession. From running a guesthouse to hosting large events to managing busy executives’ lives, she brings humor, wisdom, patience, and acceptance to her interactions with other people. And yes, she was born with two different colored eyes.

Epiphany is the author of  Somebody Hold Me: The Single Person’s Guide to Nurturing Human Touch. She has been getting up close and personal with the topic of nurturing human touch with Karuna Sessions since 2013.

She has a B.A. in journalism and considers herself a grammar geek. In the past, she has worked as a bartender, journalist, cigarette girl, legal assistant, and advice columnist. She has been reading tarot for 30 years, and finds it to be a fascinating study into archetypal human experiences.

In addition to Karuna Sessions, Epiphany also runs her sister business, the Blue Star Temple, in Austin, TX. She has been trained by the Institute for Mind Body Therapy to work with therapists to provide integrated care to clients and has also studied with The Body Electric School.

Her favorite element is water, and she can often be found under the trees on the side of the hill at Barton Springs. Her mantra is “evolution, not revolution” and she considers herself a social artist, painting visions of how things could be on the canvas of our world.

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