Feeding the Hungry

Americans suffer from a silent epidemic. This epidemic is skin hunger, and it afflicts millions. It is slow and sneaky; people can sense that something is wrong, but they don’t know what, or how to heal it, until someone says [...]

Reflections on Mother’s Day

Even though I haven't birthed another human being, I mother adults. It's really amazing work (and especially cool to mother the mothers - they need it more than most people). If I worked every single hour of every single day [...]

The world is your oyster

Tuesday night was a learning experience on so many levels. We were invited to come and organize a sanctuary and offer compassionate touch to Amanda Palmer’s fans at her show at the Paramount in Austin. While this isn’t how we normally work, it [...]

Practicing the “Art of Asking”

When we found out that Amanda Palmer was performing in Austin, we asked her to come try a Karuna Session. Karuna is the Sanskrit word for compassion, and a Karuna Session is designed to nurture body, mind and heart. It's cutting-edge self-care, something people [...]

About Our Practice

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