A: Absolutely. Empowering people to clearly state their boundaries is one of the most important parts of a Karuna Session. “No” is a complete sentence, and an acceptable response at any time. Creating a space where you feel safe and cared for is our primary goal; if the touch is not consensual, it won’t feel good. We will all be fully clothed during the session, and we will ask for your explicit consent before touching you.  We ask that you respect our boundaries as well.

This is a nurturing experience, a time for you to let others care for you. We find that clients who try to be reciprocal, as opposed to receptive, do not benefit as much from our work. Our process is not intended to excite or engage sexual arousal. Any attempt to engage with the practitioners sexually will result in immediate termination of your session without refund. Seriously. (We have never terminated a session in the five years we have been in business.)